Friday Five

Friday Five #27

Currently Listening To: Duffy – “Mercy”
Currently Reading: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

1. This post may or may not be littered with typos, since I just got back from getting coffee with a friend who’s about to move to Ireland for grad school (hi, Katelynne!), and I may have overdone it on the caffeine. (No such thing.)

2. I just realized it’s a long weekend, which I sort of forgot about because, obviously, I’m not running on any sort of schedule that is affected by this. Although it does mean fall is just around the corner, which means two of my favorite things are making a comeback: pumpkin spice lattes and football. I’m not working weekends this year, which means that I’ll be able to actually watch all the Seahawks games, which means I’ll probably be tweeting about them. A lot. Sorry I’m not sorry.

Also, can we just mention they won every single one of their preseason games? Granted, I was unenthused by the number of field goals they had to settle for, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t make me want to curl up in a fetal position, seeing as how I’ll actually have to watch this year if that happens.

3. You might have to live under a rock not to realize it’s an election year. I’m fully committed to keeping this blog politics free as of item #4 on this list, but I can’t say the same for my Twitter account. I have lots of opinions about things, and I like to express them. So this is your warning. Feel free to scroll past the political tweets to find the football ones.

And before I reach the end of my self-imposed political space on this blog, I’d like to urge everyone to vote. I’m going to vote for who I’m going to vote for, and you’re going to vote for who you’re going to vote for, but whoever is elected will impact you in some way, so you might as well have your say. Otherwise, you’ve revoked your right to complain.

Okay. Moving on.

4. I’m moving back in with my parents at some point before the end of September to try my luck at subbing down there. A lot of thinking and napping and feels went into this decision, but the short version is that as much as I wanted to stay in Bellingham, it just wasn’t in the cards.

At this point, I’m mostly just frustrated that my parents brought all my books up here literally a month and a half ago, and you don’t want to know how long it took me to alphabetize them all. At least this time they’ll be packed alphabetically…

5. In writing-related news, I’ve been within mere days of finishing up my SHARDS rewrite for the past week or so, but I just…haven’t. I think part of it is that I didn’t know what to work on next when I finish it, because I’ve been working on this thing for the past five years. Part of it is that I’m dreading the revisions I still have to do on it in order to get it ready to query, and revisions are definitely not my favorite part of the process. Part of it was stress from my real life. But the stress is gone since I made my decision to move, and I think I’ve figured out what to work on next (more on that in a future blog post), so now I just need to stay off Tumblr long enough to finish this book.

Stay off Tumblr. Ha.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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