And Then Life Happened


I borrowed this idea from Katy Upperman, who borrowed it from various other people.


IMG_0082My blankets. It’s been really cold lately. Most people would probably find the number of blankets I own excessive, but I hate being cold and I tend not to turn my heat up super high because money.

Also, I made these black bean spinach enchiladas for dinner earlier this week, and I’ve been eating the leftovers the past couple days, and they’re really good. I’ve got even more leftovers in the freezer to look forward to, too, since my roommate mostly does her own thing and I usually end up cooking just for myself.


The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken
I’m really sad I have to go to work because I just want to finish reading it!


My queue on Hulu is looking scary right now, and I’m going to have lots of fun watching all those episodes of Grey’s this weekend, but The Daily Show and The Colbert Report are always my top priority because I love those men. (Side note: I finally watched Stephen Colbert’s interview with Ben Gibbard last week, and I totally lol’d because, of course, Ben Gibbard was wearing plaid. Seattle ftw!)

I’ve also been working my way through The Tudors for FAR TOO LONG, and I only have four episodes left, like, ever. I might just marathon that this weekend instead of Grey’s. I’m planning to finally watch Downton Abbey next.

Thinking About

Revisions! I was thinking earlier this week that a lot of the early chapters in my MS are completely unnecessary. And then I got beta feedback that said basically the same thing. So now I’m thinking about what material to cut and what to keep.

And then I also decided to do this completely charming thing where I use titles to distinguish between social classes, like they used to do in ye olden days. So, for example, Calanthe’s family is part of the gentry, so they get to be Miss and Mr. and whatever, but then I have a couple of secondary characters who are commoners, so I decided to change their titles to Goodman instead of Mr., because I hate myself and want to spend several hours of my life going through my MS and changing them all. (Unfortunately, for my society, it makes sense. Sigh.)


The weekend. Enough said.

Listening To

I’ve been digging the Indie Singer-Songwriter station on Pandora lately.

And, okay, yeah, also the new Ke$ha album.


It wasn’t so cold…but could still be sunny. Unfortunately, this time of year, warmth and sun are mutually exclusive around here.

Making Me Happy


Food always makes me happy.


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