Road Trip Wednesday

Road Trip Wednesday: Best Book of February

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This Week’s Topic is: What’s the best book you’ve read in February?

February has been an interesting reading month for me. I read a lot of totally awesome books that completely blew my mind, but I read just as many that left me rather unimpressed – including my first real, genuine, did-not-finish basically ever. So, uh, there’s that, I guess.

Fortunately, this post will highlight the books in that first group. And…we have a tie!

I really, really liked Under the Never Sky, but I loved Through the Ever Night. Like UTNS, TTEN had a brilliant mix of action and romance. This time around, we saw even more character development, and we also got to see more of Roar (which I am never opposed to). Additionally, it did a great job setting up for the finale. Can it just be next year already?

I didn’t have any expectations going into Splintered, so I was very pleasantly surprised. It was a fantastic retelling of the Alice in Wonderland stories, but it was amazing in its own right. Alyssa’s character development is phenomenal, the love triangle is well-executed (and her chemistry with both gentlemen is excellent), and the writing is gorgeous.

Okay. I’ll stop before I wear out my thesaurus.

Honorable Mentions:

All book covers link to their Goodreads pages.

What was the best book you read in February?


11 thoughts on “Road Trip Wednesday: Best Book of February”

  1. I’m so glad you loved THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT as much as I did. I am really impatient for INTO THE STILL BLUE to get here. And I saw on Goodreads how much you loved SPLINTERED, so I promptly went and added it to my TBR list. I had heard about it before, but now I’m really excited about reading it. 🙂

    1. I’m so glad I read Splintered. I hadn’t heard a whole lot about it, so the only reason I read it was for my Debut Author Challenge. Now it’s my new goal in life to make sure everyone else reads it, too 🙂

  2. I picked up Splintered in a bookstore but put it down. I can’t remember why (probably because my pile was teetering and i had to make some tough choices!). Now, I’ll go back and check it out again.

    You’re the third who’s mentioned EVER NIGHT. Gotta read it!

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