B: Book Boyfriends


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Top Ten Characters I Would Crush On If I Were Also A Fictional Character (also known as the “Stephanie’s Questionable Taste In Men” List):*

  1. Vidanric from Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith: Witty, intelligent, and oh so mysterious. I’ve read this book at least five or six times and my crush has only grown each time.
  2. Julian Fineman from the Delirium Trilogy by Lauren Oliver: My initial impression of him was that he was adorable (his part in his father’s hideous organization notwithstanding), but he also proves himself to be patient, thoughtful, and just the right amount of protective.
  3. Sean Kendrick from The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater: He’s a man of few words, but his actions speak volumes. His immense respect for the lady in his life was pretty swoon-worthy to me, but he’s also patient, determined, and has a competitive edge that would fit in really well with family game night. (Farkel is a particularly bloodthirsty game in our household.)
  4. The Darkling from Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo: Okay, yeah, so the guy has some issues, but who’s perfect? He totally works the whole tall, dark, and evil thing.
  5. Warner from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi: This is based purely on Shatter Me since I haven’t read Destroy Me or Unravel Me yet. Like the Darkling, the dude has some issues, but I maintain that all he really needs is a hug. And maybe some therapy.
  6. Numair from assorted Tamora Pierce works: Okay, so the fact that he was so totally obviously crushing on Daine as far back as Wild Magic, when she was thirteen, was sort of creepy now that I think back on it, but he’s protective of her in a not-creepy way, and I get the sense he’s the kind of guy who’s always down to discuss books. Reading is sexy.
  7. Jaime Lannister from the A Song of Ice and Fire Series by George R.R. Martin: I realize Jaime comes across as a horrible person, what with the king-slaying and child-shoving, and his extremely close relationship with his sister is a little annoying, but he’s not actually that bad a guy. He repeatedly stands up for Brienne and even occasionally Tyrion, tells Cersei to leave him alone when he realizes he has way too much self-respect for these shenanigans, and I really think that underneath it all he’s just misunderstood and he’s actually a good person. (Disclaimer: This assessment is based on the first four books.)
  8. Lucas from Easy by Tammara Webber: Lucas has the whole mysterious artistic thing going on, and also happens to look good in glasses, which doesn’t hurt. He’s also intelligent, albeit with questionable interests (I mean, seriously, I’m going to question anyone who sits through an economics class four times, employment notwithstanding). I also love how he called Jacqueline by the name she wanted to be called (I’m looking at you, Kennedy), listened to what she had to say (ahem, Kennedy), cooked her dinner, and taught her self-defense. I basically spent the entire book swooning.
  9. Sam from the Throne of Glass novellas by Sarah J. Maas: Sam is cocky and arrogant and has a way of getting under Celaena’s skin, and really I just love a guy who’s not just going to do everything I say without putting up a fight.
  10. Four from the Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth: Um, duh.


*If you didn’t already realize how shallow I am, you most definitely will now.


15 thoughts on “B: Book Boyfriends

  1. Colin says:

    You chose Warner but haven’t read DESTROY ME yet? You need to fix that right away, Stephanie. I think you’ll really enjoy that novella… 🙂

  2. mshatch says:

    I’ve only read Game of Thrones thru book 4 as well and altho Jaime has risen in my estimation he get eliminated from crushworthy for having sex with his sister and trying to kill Bran. I agree with you on Four though 😉

    • Stephanie Allen says:

      Yeah, I was thinking about that. I think he’s late-20s? Aside from that, though, I’m warming up to him. I’ve been watching that show Golden Boy he’s on right now, and he’s definitely got the intensity and cockiness down. And he looks good in black, which is sort of a requirement for a Dauntless 😉

      • kirstyes says:

        I’ve not heard of that series, will have to keep an eye out. I decided that because he is older it mitigates me crushing on him.

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