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Review: Prodigy

Prodigy (Legend, #2)Prodigy by Marie Lu

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Actual Rating: 4.5/5

I loved Legend, but Prodigy was so much better. To start with, all of the world building questions I had while reading Legend were answered, and the answers were all so much more fantastic than I expected. The answers were related to a series of plot twists that blew my mind, but I can’t really say any more than that because there are some big, fat spoilers involved.

I’m often torn when a pairing gets together because on the one hand, Yay! They’re together! But on the other hand, there’s always the risk that the relationship will get boring because all the tension is gone. I’m happy to say this didn’t happen with Day and June. Their fledgling relationship hits a few snags, and it’s interesting watching them try to work through it.

There were two relatively minor things I had issues with. The first, non-spoilery one, is that June threw everything away for Day. It’s sort of implied in the book it was because of her feelings for him, which I have issues with because, in terms of the timeline of the books, she hasn’t even known him that long. I guess I don’t really have a problem with June throwing her whole life away for Day; it’s just the reasons given that I have problems with. I could easily believe June would throw her life away for Day because she realized he was right, but that fact is downplayed in favor of the romantic angle, and this is one instance I think the romance got in the way of the main plot.

The second issue I had is a spoiler, which you can see in the full version of this review if you’re so inclined.
[June signals to Day not to kill the Elector, after all. Except the signal is so vague it really could’ve meant any number of things – so how did Day make the leap from June’s signal to oh man, I’d better not kill the Elector? This is especially important given all the shenanigans that go down as a result of this incident. (hide spoiler)]

There were so many awesome things about Prodigy, I was more than willing to let my issues go because they seemed minor in comparison. If you loved Legend, you will love Prodigy more; if you only liked Legend, you’ll for sure want to give Prodigy a chance.

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