RTW: The One That Got Away

Oh, great. Now I have Katy Perry stuck in my head.

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This week’s topic: What book is your ‘one that got away?’ (What book have you always been dying to read but still haven’t yet?)

GracelingYou know who’s read this book before I have?

My dad.*

My dad has read this book. I have not.

It doesn’t even make sense for me not to have read it, because not only is there a single thing I don’t like about that summary (which you can read by clicking on the book cover if you happen to be living under a rock like me), but I actually own this book because I picked it up for $1 at a used bookstore awhile back.

You have my permission to stone me, everyone.

Which book is your Katy Perry song one that got away?

*To be fair, my dad is really cool. Even if he hasn’t read Divervent like I keep telling him to.

15 thoughts on “RTW: The One That Got Away

  1. Laura Wardle says:

    GRACELING is my “one that got away”, too, lovely. I actually own the full trilogy, but still haven’t gotten to it. Hey, we ought to read it at the same time and share our thoughts as we plough through it. You game?

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve got a bunch of books in my collection that are waiting to be read. (And they’re gonna keep waiting ’cause I’m writing my own!) But yeah, isn’t it weird when your parents have read or watched something before you? That’s when you know you’re falling behind, lol.

    And I did not make that connection between the prompt and the Katy Perry song until I visited your blog. So…um…thanks?


  3. Christine M. says:

    I’ve read the summary to GRACELING many times, thought to myself, “I should read this,” and then don’t. Plus, I love the cover. Yes, I tend to pick books by their cover. Don’t judge me. It’s funny your dad is reading it before you- you have him guest blog the review.

    • Stephanie Allen says:

      I tend to be drawn to books with attractive covers, so this is a judgement-free zone. Plus, I’m a pretty big fan of the whole girls in dresses thing, so I have no room to talk 🙂

      My dad was so funny. “What do you MEAN you haven’t read it? Wait…I read a book before you did?!” And then he was all proud of himself.

  4. Amy says:

    Haha that is awesome that your dad has read Graceling! My dad only reads books on American history. Graceling is still on my “to-read” shelf as well, so I cannot stone you for not reading it. Thanks for sharing.
    Muffins and Metaphors

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