Classics Retold

Classics Retold

Some insane(ly awesome) people put together the Classics Retold reading challenge, which basically involves reading a classic and then reading/watching as many adaptations of said classic as you can this summer. Throughout September, participants will post about all of the things they read and watched.

Sound good? You have until May 25 to sign up at one of the following blogs:

It should surprise approximately no one when I tell you I signed up for Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance Lit. But my pick probably will surprise you.

280px-OthelloiagomovieYes: I chose Othello.

I had every intention of choosing Tristan and Iseult, my favorite medieval legend ever, but then I stopped to consider how many times I’ve read it and how many adaptations I’ve read, and decided maybe I should broaden my horizons. And Othello has been on my summer reading list the past couple years and I still haven’t gotten to it, so here I am, breaking my policy of pretending the Renaissance didn’t exist. (That’s not entirely accurate. I actually do love certain parts of the Renaissance. Mostly the parts involving the Medici or the Tudors.)

Anyway, I come bearing a list of the material I will tackle this summer:

  • Othello by William Shakespeare: I hear there is a lot of back-stabbing and jealousy and all that good stuff. There is not a single thing here I don’t like.
  • Othello (1995): Absolutely necessary because Kenneth Branagh.
  • Omkara (2006): A Bollywood retelling of Othello that my library happens to have, and I plan to take full advantage of this.
  • I, Iago by Nicole Galland: I love me some villains. I hope this is as interesting as it sounds.
  • Iago by David Snodin: This looks like it’s some sort of sequel to the play, and it also sounds interesting.

Have you or are you going to sign up for the Classics Retold challenge? Which classic are you tackling?



12 thoughts on “Classics Retold”

  1. YAAYY so glad that you are joining!! The 1995 version is awesome because OBVS Kenneth Branagh. The remake with Josh Hartnett wasn’t too bad either! Shakespeare is my favorite – in fact I didn’t choose one of his titles for the same reason you didn’t choose Tristan and Iseult :]

    1. I didn’t add the remake with Josh Hartnett to my list because neither my library nor Netflix has it, but I’m still going to see if there’s a video store that has it because I’m intrigued.

  2. This is such a great idea. If I hadn’t already committed myself to my Chapter A Day challenge, I’d consider participating. I’m definitely anticipating updates on your OTHELLO challenge. Have you heard of the 2001 movie ‘O’? It has Mekhi Phifer (who’s going to be in the DIVERGENT movie), Josh Hartnett, and Julia Stiles in it. I can’t remember if it was any good, but it’s a modern-day adaptation of OTHELLO set in a high school. Anyway, good luck with the challenge, Stephanie! 🙂

    1. I did come across that one! I didn’t add it to my list since I’m still trying to hunt a copy that I don’t have to purchase down (the library and Netflix were both busts), but I’m hoping to be able to watch that O, too.

  3. Othello is the BEST. I love it. (And the fact that I still love it despite the year I spent studying it, the coursework I wrote, and the exam I took on it says a lot.) I’m not a huge fan of classics in the Austen/Dickens et al realm, but I do love me some American lit, so I might jump in on that!

    1. I thought about American lit, too, because I need to read more of that – most of the classics I read are British! That being said, I really like Little Women and The Scarlet Letter 🙂

  4. This is such a good idea, I keep telling myself I need to balance out my reading with more classics I’m tempted to do Othello too but I think I’ll shop around some more…

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