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Review: All These Lives

All These LivesAll These Lives by Sarah Wylie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

All These Lives is another book about cancer, told this time from the point of view of the twin sister of a girl with leukemia. While the book didn’t feel particularly original, I still really liked it it thanks to the main character, Dani’s, voice.

Dani isn’t a likeable character, but she is a realistic one. She lashes out at her parents and bullies her peers, and I can see how she would rub people the wrong way. However, I do feel that this is a realistic portrayal, which is ultimately what made me root for Dani. Her pain felt real, and lashing out at people was her way of dealing with it. One thing that is clear is that, despite how she treats her sister, Dani does genuinely care for her.

The whole “lives” concept was an interesting twist, and I appreciated seeing the situation from Dani’s point of view, but on the whole, the book didn’t feel all that original. I think it’s probably because cancer is a concept that has been explore a lot, to varying degrees of success. That being said, it was still well-executed, mostly because of Dani.

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