What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday #3

WUWWhat’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom Jaime’s post. We really hope you will take part!

What I’m Reading

I finished The Host! There was a brief period where it looked like I might throw a hissy fit on the train because things weren’t going my way, but I managed not to frighten my fellow passengers. It was a really slow read, but I feel like that’s because it’s such a character-driven book.

I followed up that beast with a shorter book and a novella. Losing It by Cora Carmack was hilarious, although I wished it had been longer. I read Destroy Me by Tahereh Mafi on the train back up here and was almost overcome by Warner feels, but yet again I showed tremendous restraint. (And that, my friends, is why I rarely read in public.)

Now I’m reading The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling, a book I’d previously started and then abandoned because I didn’t want to pay library fines. It’s…different. I don’t hate it, but there are so many characters, I don’t find myself attached to any one in particular so far and I’m having trouble keeping them all straight. I’m only 100 pages into it, though, so I guess we’ll see.

What I’m Writing

I signed up for Ready. Set. WRITE!, which is basically an online summer camp for writers and which you can read more about/sign ready-set-write-buttonup for here if that’s something that interests you. (This is the part where I give shout outs to Alison, Katy, Elodie, Erin, and Jaime! Because they’re unspeakably awesome for putting this on.)

Today we’re setting our summer writing goals. I have two:

  • Finish polishing up SHARDS and start querying by the end of June.
  • Finish my current draft of FIRE by the end of August, which will be manageable if I write 1000 words a day.

What Inspires Me Right Now

The Civil Wars have a new single, and before I’d even got halfway through it the first time I’d preordered their new album on iTunes. Behold!

What Else I’ve Been Up To

I went home last weekend for the first time since Christmas (which makes me a terrible daughter when you consider that my family only lives three hours away), and in that time my parents got a dog, whom they half-jokingly named after Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

My family, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, I let Wilson take me for a walk and now we are the bestest best friends EVAR.


Aside from that, I’ve been trying to sub as much as I can before school gets out next week because over the summer I’ll only be working the retail job, and that doesn’t pay nearly as well as subbing does. In case you were wondering why I’m still catching up on comments from last week’s What’s Up Wednesday 🙂


37 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #3”

  1. You’re writing goals for Ready. Set. Write! are far loftier than mine. I had set some really ambitious goals at the beginning of the year and then life happened, so I’m trying to be a little more patient with myself this summer. I’ll be curious to see what you think of The Casual Vacancy. I’m still deciding if I’m going to read it.

    1. That seems to be the consensus on The Casual Vacancy. The only reason I’m reading it right now is because I have a friend who keeps bugging me about it because he wants to discuss it. If it wasn’t J.K. Rowling, I probably wouldn’t even pick it up since it’s not something I usually read.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Stephanie! I really enjoyed THE HOST, and I kind of wished that she’d write more to follow. Ah well. I think you’ve set some great writing goals for yourself. I stated that I was being conservative with mine, but now they seem overly ambitious. Live and learn, right? I hope your summer’s going well so far! 🙂

  3. Nice to meet you here via Ready. Set. WRITE! Good luck putting on that last coat of polish and getting your story out into Queryland!

  4. I loved The Host when it first came out. I don’t remember it much (it was 5 years ago or something), but I remember being on the plane flying to my sister’s graduation and just sobbing my eyes out. It was all I could do keep myself from audibly sobbing. So, yeah, that book makes public reading harder than most books. Have you seen the movie? I don’t remember how closely it follows the book, but I really enjoyed it.

    Congrats on being almost ready to query! I hope it goes well!

  5. haha – love that your parents named their dog after a football player. I just do that in my stories. 🙂

    Also, thank you so much for all the Ready. Set. WRITE love! Awesome goals for the summer – I have very similar ones (except I’m querying now…yikes). Hope you have a wonderful writing week!

  6. The Host took me a while to get into when I first read it but once the story picks up…it’s really good. I think it was a much better book than Twilight storyline wise, and I wish there was a sequel out already because the wait is killing me.

    I LOVED Losing It. I too wish it was longer because I flew through that book and was sad when it ended. Have you read Faking It? If not, I think you’ll like it. It’s much better than Losing It, in my opinion.

    Also, I didn’t know that the Civil Wars had a new song out (but of course, I live under a rock). I listened to it about four times before commenting, hehe. And it happens to fit my wip so well, so thanks for posting it.

    Good luck with revising Shards/editing Fire!

    1. I’m torn about the sequel. On the one hand, the story works as a standalone. On the other hand…I want more. I was so surprised by how good it was, because I was so traumatized from the first three Twilight books! (I haven’t read Breaking Dawn, but I did read the Wikipedia page, and that’s more than enough for me.)

      I haven’t read Faking It yet, but it’s high on my to do list. Poor Cade 😦

      I think the new song just came out, because I only found out about it yesterday. So you’re not that far behind the times!

      Thank you! 🙂

  7. Can’t wait for Ready, Set, Write! to take off. And now I’m officially calling it summer camp for writers (in my head). Interesting to hear your thoughts on TCV- I haven’t read it but I plan to, eventually. :0) Would love to hear more as you complete it. :0)

  8. I’m with you on The Casual Vacancy. I tried to read it but I just didn’t care about the characters. I put it down and haven’t picked it back up since. But one day I plan to pick it back up and finish it, but with so many books out there, it’s hard to. Oh, library fines. I swear they haunt me. I love The Civil Wars new song. I can’t wait for the album. Good luck with your writing goals!

  9. Wow, I love being labelled as “unspeakably awesome!” Thanks for that! I read DESTROY ME not all that long ago too, and thought Tahereh Mafi did a great job of showing why Warner is the way he is. Have to admit, I’m still firmly team Adam though. Good luck with the polishing, querying, and drafting!

    1. I just don’t find Adam all that interesting. There’s a theme with which guys I tend to be drawn to in books – Warner, the Darkling, Jaime Lannister. I like the “bad” guys with depth 🙂

  10. 🙂 So happy you’re joining us! And cheering you on for your goals! Can’t wait to hear about your progress 🙂 I really enjoyed LOSING IT (and FAKING IT :P)
    I think I may have to go to Itunes as soon as I’m back home today 🙂
    (and thank you so much for the shout-out!)

  11. I read and reviewed THE CASUAL VACANCY last year sometime. I’ll be interested to see what you think, and compare notes! 🙂 DESTROY ME was a great novella–longer than I expected it to be, but that’s fine–we can all do with more of Tahereh’s writing. 😀 An interesting insight into Warner, and a great prelude to UNRAVEL ME.

  12. I have The Host since it came out, in 2009? Don’t remember when. I started it, went up to page 20 or something and threw it across the room. It’s TOO slow for me. But some friends said it gets better and they loved it, and the movie trailer was awesome, so I was like, I have to read this before the movie … but did you look the size of that thing? Slow AND huge? Hm, nope, I didn’t read it lol
    Good luck with your goals!
    That song is great, thanks for sharing!

  13. I can commiserate with you about being overcome by Warner feels. It was kind of a relief to be done with the novella, so I wouldn’t have to fear what people would think of me when I had to read it in public, haha. On a completely different note, I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on the Casual Vacancy when you’re finished. Since it’s JKR, I’ve thought about reading it but it also seems like not really my thing…and it’s such a big book too…

    That pic of you and Wilson is hilarious; I can’t see him at all. I bet he is adorable though. 🙂 Good luck on your RSW goals! I love this whole online summer writing camp thing!

  14. I read The Host pretty soon after its release date. Well, I didn’t actually finish it. I read 300 pages, then abandoned it. I kept waiting for it to start, and it never really did for me. Good on you for sticking with it, though. I did enjoy the film adaptation, especially with Max Irons as Jared. He’s rather easy on the eyes. 😉

    The Casual Vacancy is on my to-read list. I will always read anything by J.K. Rowling. But I have such a huge pile right now, that I might try to get my hands on the audiobook. I reckon it’d make an awesome companion for a long drive.

    Good luck with Ready. Set. Write! I love that we’re both doing it. I’m so excited for you to query SHARDS. I hope this is it for you, Steph! SHARDS is one hell of a story. I freaking love it! I’m super intrigued by FIRE. It sounds awesome! I’d love to have a read once you’re ready to share. 🙂

    Oh, and I’ve totally downloaded The One That Got Away. Haunting and beautiful. Will end up pre-ordering the new album soon enough.

    Have a good week! Happy writing! ❤

  15. Your writing goals are so impressive – good luck with the querying! Your reading list is also impressive; I couldn’t get into The Host (in fact I disliked it terribly), but I am curious about A Casual Vacancy. Have a wonderful summer.

  16. Good luck with your writing goals! Determining when to start querying is so hard–that balance between have you done enough and alright already, get out there! Love that Civil Wars song 🙂

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