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Debut Author Challenge: Reboot

Reboot (Reboot, #1)Reboot by Amy Tintera

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The premise of Reboot was really interesting, so I’m happy to say Tintera executed it really well with strong world-building and compelling characters. Basically, Reboot lived up to my expectations.

I really liked how Wren came across. As a 178, she was supposedly less “human” than other reboots, which made me concerned I wouldn’t be able to connect with her, but that wasn’t the case. It was interesting seeing how Wren’s experiences shaped how she connected with the world around her, and despite the fact that she didn’t experience emotions as intensely as other reboots who hadn’t been dead as long, she still felt realistic to me, and I think a lot of that had to do with Callum.

I loved Callum right off the bat. He wasn’t at all embarrassed by the fact that a girl kicked his butt at pretty much everything; instead he seemed amused by it and just went with it. I also loved how he wasn’t afraid of Wren and how he brought out the more human side of her. Plus, he was just plenty of adorable, and I wanted to give him hugs.

While it was action-packed, it did feel like the whole purpose of Reboot was to set up for the story beyond this first book. That being said, there was a nice blend of action and world-building, and despite the whole people waking from the dead thing, Tintera’s explanations were believable. And while the world was fully fleshed out, there were never any info dumps, which is a difficult balance to achieve.

The whole being used by the government for potentially questionable purposes aspect of Reboot reminded me of a couple other books I’ve read this year, Altered and Mila 2.0, and I think the mix of action and romance, along with a sci fi angle, would appeal to people who enjoyed those books. I’m definitely looking forward to more of this series!

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2 thoughts on “Debut Author Challenge: Reboot”

  1. Interesting review. This one is on my DAC list this year, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I liked how you put that it felt like it was setting up for the rest of the story. That’s what I’m trying not to do with what I’m writing right now. I’m trying to write a standalone that could be a series rather than write a series. I’m glad you liked the story though–gives me something to look forward to!

  2. I loved Reboot as well! Callum was definitely a well developed character, but I found that Wren perhaps changed a bit too quickly. I mean, she was supposed to be this unfeeling monster (basically) but as soon as Callum steps on the scene- BAM she’s practically human again. I did like the interactions between the two, though, and the buildup of their relationship.

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