YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp

Because writing is more fun with friends.

YAB-Spring-Writing-Challenge-BadgeThe YA Buccaneers have put together a spring writing bootcamp for March/April/May to cheer each other on and keep each other accountable. If this sounds awesome to you, you can go sign up at this post.

Today we’re setting goals!

  • I want to finish my rewrite of FIRE by the last day of my spring break, which is April 6. Which means I’m going to need to step up my efforts considerably.
  • I’m currently drafting OPAQUE, the sequel to SHARDS, and would like to finish that by the end of May.
  • And, finally, I want to get a good chunk of revisions for FIRE out of the way so I can send it to betas this summer and start something new (or, most likely, a FIRE sequel since I tend to go with momentum).

See you all next week for our first weekly check-in!


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