Fire, YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp

In which I walk the plank.

Usually I don’t participate in the YA Buccaneers monthly Walk the Plank challenge, because I have no idea when I’m going to write something entirely new. (I know from close personal experience just how hard it is to write something super short!) This month, though, they’ve challenged us to share a page from our Bootcamp WIP, so here’s my contribution!

We all crowd the window, but there is no one outside in the courtyard. Whoever it is probably fled the instant the rock made contact with the glass pane.

A shriek from downstairs crashes through the door. Us Council members stand frozen, but Darren darts across the room and throws the door open, tossing a “move away from the window!” over his shoulder before clomping down the stairs.

“I need to see what’s going on,” Alastar mutters as we move away from the window.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea, sir,” Daniel says. “We don’t know what happened downstairs. It could be an assassination attempt.”

The words hang awkwardly on the air. None of us can remember the last time any Council members were at risk of assassination.

A second object flies through the window, perfectly aimed to make it through the hole left by the rock.

It’s a torch.

“I guess we should leave the room now,” I quip.

And then all hell breaks loose.

The five of us crowd the door, grown adults who have forgotten how to function in the midst of panic. Grace, who could be anyone’s grandmother, is surprisingly vicious, using her bony elbows to ensure that she is the second person out of the room – even she won’t cross Alastar. When she elbows me, I stumble backward and land hard on my tailbone, pain shooting up my backside.

Even more surprisingly, Daniel stops and holds out his hand to help me up.


6 thoughts on “In which I walk the plank.”

  1. THANK YOU for this great idea. One of my Bootcamp goals was to create a blog (since I’m probably the only person in the universe without one!) and I wasn’t sure how to begin. I’m going to do “Walk the Plank” as my first post. Now I just need to finish my WIP.

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