Fire, YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp

YAB Bootcamp Check-in #8: April Wrap-up

YAB-Spring-Writing-Challenge-BadgeI haven’t had much progress to report this month so I haven’t been posting, but I figured an update was overdue, especially since this is the Monday for April.

Writing was a struggle for me this month. I didn’t write every day, and on the days I did write, it felt like pulling teeth. I also added yet another part-time job to the mix (subbing at another school), so 40-hour weeks have been the norm this month, rather than the exception. I’ve been trying the past couple weeks to get up at 5 every morning during the week so I can write before work (because we all know I’m going to have zero motivation for it after work), but I keep getting in battles with my snooze button and losing. Add in continuing to query SHARDS and looking for a full-time job and…well…I lost some focus in April.

But that’s okay! Because May is just around the corner, and I fully intend to reclaim my wayward motivation and finish rewriting FIRE this month.


7 thoughts on “YAB Bootcamp Check-in #8: April Wrap-up”

  1. I completely sympathize. The first half of April really derailed my focus and writing. I stumbled trying to get it back midway through the month and while I regained my focus while at my writing retreat this past weekend, my grasp of the novel I’d set out to write this month was gone! But May is a new month and it’ll be a better one!

  2. ANOTHER part-time job!? Good God girl, you’re a machine! I’m doing the early-morning slog with writing too, so know that you’re not alone. Only 2 more days of Awful April, then you can concentrate on Marvelous May! 🙂

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