Ready Set Write!

RSW Update #2


How I Did On Last Week’s Goals

I wrote three of the four days I’d planned last week. I didn’t get 500 all of those days, but I did write at least a page, so I’ll take it.

My Goals For This Week

Really, my goal is just to write every day. I’m here for the next month until I go on vacation, so no more excuses.

A Favorite Line From My Story

From FIRE: And that’s when I notice the two extra people in the room. Neither of them is a stranger to me, although one of them might as well be for all I expected [them] to be here.

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Convincing myself to write. I hand wrote some stuff for FIRE on the ferry the other night, and that might be something I need to start doing since it worked pretty well as far as getting words going.

Something I Love About My WIP

For FIRE, how easily Aimee’s voice came to me. It’s something I struggled with for SHARDS, but it’s probably been the easiest part of FIRE so far.

Song Of The Week

The greats weren’t great because at birth they could paint/the greats were great ’cause they paint a lot.

This Week

  • Monday, June 23: 553 words on OPAQUE; one page handwritten on FIRE for ~250 words
  • Tuesday, June 24: 400 words on FIRE
  • Wednesday, June 25: 104 words on FIRE
  • Thursday, June 26: 0 words
  • Friday, June 27: 361 words on FIRE
  • Saturday, June 28: 0 words
  • Sunday, June 29: 244 words on OPAQUE

15 thoughts on “RSW Update #2”

  1. I think your goal for this week is a really good one. I could totally benefit from setting a goal like that. It’s a great way to establish a routine, and it gives you a feeling of accomplishment too! You’ve touched on something here that I’ve been thinking about lately too: squeezing in writing while doing something else. In your case, riding the ferry. I think there are so many opportunities like this that I always seem to miss. Why not write while doing something like commuting? I need to make a practice of this, so thanks for the reminder! Good luck this week, Stephanie! 😀

  2. I’ll write on my phone sometimes when I’m out but the words are just coming. It’s awkward, but better than leaving it for later and hoping I’ll remember.
    Good luck on this week’s goals!

  3. So, I love how you added a song of the week to your updates! I might do that too. 🙂

    Also, yay for productivity on the ferry! Good luck with writing every day! Go you!

  4. A page a day is a great way to tackle your overall goal! And good for you for multitasking on your commute! Hope handwriting your story continues to work well for you!

  5. Writing every day is a great goal! I wish I was better about it. It’s so much work to read through everything and restart the writing engine every time I come to the page. I might have to try making every day a habit 🙂 Good luck writing this week!

  6. Yay! 3/4 days is great in my book 🙂 I find handwriting can be helpful when I’m stumped, something about it just helps the juices flow better. Maybe because there’s less distractions, and less pressure. Good luck and keep it up!

    1. That’s what I’m thinking. Because when I’m on my computer, I always find anything else to do but write, and there’s also a pressure to make the words count, I guess. Whereas the very nature of handwriting something is that it’s rough and I’ll have to fix it when I type it up later.

  7. Great work! My husband has always wanted to live in Chicago to take a train to work and work on his commute. So know that you’re living out his dream. 😉 Although I’m not sure if you were saying it was helpful to write on the ferry or to handwrite. =)

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