What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday #32

Tree70%What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme geared toward readers and writers, allowing us to touch base with blog friends and let them know what’s up. Should you wish to join us, you will find the link widget at the bottom of Jaime’s post. We really hope you will take part!

What I’m Reading


Right now I’m reading Kimberly Derting’s latest, The Taking, which is really good so far. It’s more like The Body Finder than The Pledge, genre-wise. (Paranormal as opposed to fantasy.)

What I’m Writing

You can read Monday’s RSW update here.

What Inspires Me Right Now

Right now…I’m feeling a little out of it. I rang up one of my former professors at Other Job the other day and oh hey look what I’m doing with my degree…

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Working + waging war on mosquitoes.


10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #32”

  1. I can so relate to the whole “Look what I’m doing with my degree” thing. Nothing. I’m doing absolutely nothing with it. I live in a small town and frequently run into former students and former colleagues from when I last taught at the junior high here…five years ago. I get that “Are you teaching?/What are you doing now?” question all the time. Fun, fun, fun. Hope this week is better than last, with less mosquitoes and less jerky customers. 🙂

    1. I’ve started actually physically cringing when people ask me, “So when are you going to get a real job?” Because a) yes, cobbling together enough to live off of between multiple part-time jobs that offer me zero benefits is totally something I chose to do, b) I like having the number of hours I work per week being subject to illness, personal days, sales, and various acts of God because I just like to live on the edge like that, and c) ummm, all of jobs are paying me money to do them; how are they not “real”?

      On the plus side, I guess we’re just practicing for when we’re authors 🙂

  2. I really liked The Body Finder series.

    I hate feeling like I’m not far enough in my life/career/etc. It’s frustrating, for sure.

    Hope the rest of the week is more awesome.

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