What's Up Wednesday

RSW Update #6

RSWgoldpolaroidHow I Did On Last Week’s Goals

Last week I read and made notes on Chapter 2 of FIRE, finished all but the last 30 pages of the MS I’m beta reading, and added about 700 new words to the FIRE rewrite.

My Goals For This Week

I’m leaving for vacation later this week, so really my only goal is to finish reading that MS. Anything else I get done in between working and packing is a bonus.

One Phrase That Sums Up What I Revised

Pacing, man. Pacing. *facepalm*

The Biggest Challenge I Faced This Week

Since I’m setting weekly goals now my inclination is to do most of my writing toward the end of the week because nothing like a little pressure to make you focus, right? Except I worked Saturday and Sunday and it was rainy and cold so I spent all of my free time asleep or watching TV in bed. Oops.

Something I Love About My WIP

As I read through Chapter 2 last week, I started thinking of ways to better develop the relationship between my MC and her mother, which will strengthen the conflict because the whole thing is that Aimee is partly responsible for her mother’s execution. (BRING ON THE GUILT.)

Song Of The Week


5 thoughts on “RSW Update #6”

  1. Pacing…ughhhh. Yep, I feel your pain. I seem to have the same inclination as you do to put off most of my writing goals until the end of the week. I start out strong, slack for several days, then try to cram a bunch in toward the end. Probably not the most ideal habit, but oh well. You must be getting excited about going on holidays! Hope it’s fun and super restful!

  2. Pacing in the middle of my story is my WEAKNESS. I hope you have better luck than I do! Good luck with packing and all the things! And have a wonderful vacation!

  3. “Aimee is partly responsible for her mother’s execution.”

    WOW, that sounds intense.

    I’m also guilty of putting off writing until the last minute, then trying to get it all done when I’d much rather be sleeping or watching TV.

    Have a great time on vacation!

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