In which I’m still alive.

*dusts off blog*

Oh, look. An actual post! I’ve been keeping super busy lately, between both of my jobs and also writing like it’s a third job in all of my spare time. Hence, no time to blog.

Also, my roommate adopted a cat, so I’ve also been busy chronicling her every move for Instagram, as you do.


Like I said, I’ve been busy writing. I’m revising FROM THE ASHES (formerly FIRE) right now, as well as plotting a newish WIP for NaNo (which is actually a complete rewrite of the one I wrote in 2007). I have a friend from college who also wants to be a YA fantasy author, so we’ve been meeting up every week to workshop each others’ drafts.

…and in the process of that, I realized FtA isn’t actually done yet.

Having read my entire draft, A pointed out that it felt like I left off in the middle of the story’s rising action, and looking at the big picture for the whole series, I had to agree with her. It isn’t complete yet. I left one of this book’s major conflicts unresolved, planning to revisit it in the next book, but that doesn’t tie this book up nearly enough.

In related news, I want to worship the ground my CPs walk upon.


3 thoughts on “In which I’m still alive.”

  1. Glad to see your back! I promise I’ll have those FIRE chapters to you soon. Gah it’s been crazy. I’ll be revising this month instead of starting new, but feel free to shoot things my way!

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