I’ve been tagged.

Emma tagged me to do the 777 post going around, which asks you to post seven lines of text, seven lines down, on the seventh page of your WIP. And since my NaNo is in no fit shape to be seen by the public, I’m going with the current draft of FROM THE ASHES.

When I finally see her, she doesn’t look like she’s lost any sleep. My mother, Devin Byrne, who was famous for her fiery hair and even more fiery temper long before she was infamous, looks as serene as ever. She’s thinner than she used to be, and the guards prod her more roughly than strictly required, but she walks with her back straight and her head held high. She lets them tie her to the stake, her wrists and ankles bound, looking completely detached from the proceedings.

And then she finds us in the crowd, first Erin, then me. Her gaze pierces me, almost as though she knows the thought I’m struggling with: that she deserves to die. I can feel the weight of her judgment threatening to suffocate me like the smoke that will soon take her life.

If you haven’t been tagged yet, feel free to consider yourself tagged 🙂


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