YA Superlatives Blogfest

Class of 2014: YA Superlatives Blogfest, Day 3


See Monday’s post for details.

Day Three: Elements of Fiction

Most Envy-Inducing Plot

Cruel Beauty

Girl gets married to a monster so she can kill him and free her people but ends up falling in love with him, instead? I’m so, so jealous of this plot.

Most Formidable World



I’m calling this one a tie. Adarlan is enslaved by an evil sorcerer king who will sic demons straight out of Hell on you if you cross him. And Mars is ruled by more or less supernatural beings whose idea of an education is killing each other. I’m not down to visit either world, thanks.

Most Wanderlust-Inducing


Let’s Get Lost made me want to go on a road trip.

Loveliest Prose


This book was heartbreaking.

Best First Line

Cruel Beauty

“I was raised to marry a monster.”

Most Dynamic Main Character


Vicky learns a lot about herself in this book and gains so much confidence as the story goes on. She was one of my favorite characters this year.

Most Jaw-Dropping Conclusion


I’m usually pretty good with plot twists, but I absolutely WAS NOT expecting this ending AT ALL. It was great.

Best Performance in a Supporting Role


The Heir of Fire lovefest continues, because I LOVED LOVED LOVED Rowan. That is all.

Best Use of Theme


Since You’ve Been Gone is about stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things even if they scare you, and I think Morgan Matson did a great job keeping this spirit of adventure present throughout the entire book.


9 thoughts on “Class of 2014: YA Superlatives Blogfest, Day 3”

  1. I need to read SINCE YOU’VE BEEN GONE like, yesterday. Same with A MAD, WICKED FOLLY and the THRONE OF GLASS books. I’m seeing all three pop up over and over in these Superlatives posts. Great choices, Stephanie!

  2. Okay, so now I really want to read Don’t Look Back. I’m pretty good about predicting endings and this has me all kinds of curious. 🙂

  3. Let’s Get Lost looks good. I’m going to have to add it to my tbr pile. And I agree with you about Vicky. A Mad, Wicked Folly has to be at the top of my list of favorite books this year.

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