2014 In Writing


2014 was a pretty eventful year writing-wise. At the beginning of the year, I was continuing to query SHARDS. I got several requests, but they all ended in rejection: in the end, this book just wasn’t the one. And that’s fine. It was still a good learning experience, both writing it and querying it, and I got some really good feedback that I’ve been trying to apply to my other projects.

I also finished rewriting FIRE, which I retitled to FROM THE ASHES and am now revising. The plan is to query that one in 2015.

I also got about 8k into a new YA epic fantasy WIP, AN UNFORGIVING LAND, that I hope to finish drafting in 2015. It’s in third person, dual POV, and one of those POVs is male, so it’ll be a challenge since I’m so used to writing in first person with one POV. We’ll see.

I also hope to get back to blogging regularly in 2015, as well as actually responding to comments in a timely fashion, both of which are things I was bad at the latter half of this year.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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