Writer Recharge

Writer Recharge 2015 #1


I’m jumping in on Writer Recharge a week late…oops! I was fully intending to get my goals up last week, but never actually got around to sitting down and writing a post. Better late than never, I guess?

Writer Recharge is hosted by Alison, Liz, Elodie, Sara, and Katy and is a chance to get a four (or three, in my case) week jump-start in the middle of winter. Updates happen on Mondays.

  • Write/Revise: I’m about 10k from the end of the material I have from the previous draft of FROM THE ASHES, and then I’ll be writing the rest of the book from scratch since I decided to combine it all into a standalone. By the end of February, I’d like to have revised that last 10k I have. And for this week (Feb. 9-15) I also want to have an outline done for another WIP, my rewrite of my 2007 NaNo, AN UNFORGIVING LAND.
  • Read/Reread: I’ve had The Canterbury Tales sitting in my TBR for approximately forever, and as a medievalist, it’s embarrassing that I haven’t read one of the defining works of the Middle Ages. So, that’s going to happen this month.
  • Stretch: This is going to sound weird, but I HATE going to get my hair cut because I hate small talk (says the girl who works as a cashier and can rock the small talk if she absolutely has to [i.e. is being paid for it]), and the thought of being trapped in a chair for 30+ minutes either interacting with a stranger or sitting in awkward silence is just torturous to me. But my hair needs some TLC like whoa, so I’m going to do that at some point this month.
  • Self: I’m trying to actually cook dinner for myself once or twice a week instead of just ordering in or popping something in the microwave. I’m fully capable of cooking for myself, it’s just that I’m usually too lazy and/or tired, and cooking for one also kinda sucks. But I know I’ll feel way less gross and save money by cooking at home.
  • Connect: I want to get in on Twitter writing parties. I do #WriteClub sometimes, but I want to make that more of a priority so my Friday night plans sound less sad. Also, I want to do at least one #WriterRecharge party each week, which is completely doable since I’ve got a lot of evenings free at the moment thanks to it being the slow season at Other Job.
  • Fun: For Valentine’s Day, I’ve got a romantic evening with myself planned. I’m going to have a Netflix marathon and order some Chinese food. Self-love is the most important love of all. (I once saw a post on Tumblr that said something to the effect of “I want to love myself as much as Kanye loves Kanye.” That is the goal I’m always striving for.)

6 thoughts on “Writer Recharge 2015 #1”

  1. Your last goal with the Kanye quote made me smile. Yes, that is indeed something worth striving for! But on a more serious note, I should totally try to join in on one of those Twitter parties too. I’m always on, but being on the West Coast, I’m usually writing when most people are asleep. 😛

    1. I’m also on the West Coast and have the same problem. Or everyone else is writing when I’m still at work. We should find out if there’s anyone else on the West Coast and do a writing party with them!

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