Writer Recharge

Writer Recharge 2015 #2


Check out last week’s post for details!

  • Write/Revise: One of my goals last week was to finish outlining AN UNFORGIVING LAND, which I did! I’m planning to spend the rest of the month doing research and world building for this one. I also revised 3000 words in FROM THE ASHES (most of them yesterday!). I ended up sending 15 pages to one of my CPs last night. This week, I’d like to revise ten more pages in FROM THE ASHES and send them to that same CP by Sunday night.
  • Read: I started The Canterbury Tales. The edition I’m reading left it in Middle English, so that’s been…an experience.IMG_1340 Once I got into a good rhythm, though it’s not been so bad, and reading out loud is helping, too. After I finished the General Prologue I compared my comprehension to SparkNotes, and it turned out I’d gotten everything important, so hooray for that! I think the strangest thing about reading it is how much work I have to put into it to follow it, since I read mostly YA so I’m used to just breezing through books in a few hours.
  • IMG_1353Stretch: I literally just got back from getting my hair cut, and it’s really nice no longer feeling like Cousin It.
  • Connect: I check in with #WriteClub a couple times on Friday, but I was mostly working on research so I wasn’t super consistent with it. At some point this week, I want to do a Twitter party.
  • Fun: I ended up watching two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Saturday afternoon before being called into work – which was fine, because I need the money, anyway. I made up for it yesterday, though, since one of my friends was visiting and we got brunch and coffee with some of our other friends. This week, I’m doing dinner with my roommates and one of our friends, so that will be fun.



9 thoughts on “Writer Recharge 2015 #2”

  1. Awesome progress this week on the writing front! And on two different projects. I’m super impressed with how you’re tackling Middle English in The Canterbury Tales. I’ve always been sort of curious about it. I used to do something similar whenever reading Shakespeare. Read it and then double check that I completely understood it. Constantly checking footnotes really breaks up the rhythm. Love the new haircut. It looks nice and fresh. 🙂 Hope you have another great week!

    1. Constantly checking footnotes DOES break up the rhythm. That’s the other part that’s slowing me down, since the footnotes in my copy are mostly on words we don’t have anymore or mean something completely different now…I’m doing a lot of back tracking to get back into the rhythm.

  2. I’ve never read THE CANTERBURY TALES but it sounds like a challenge. Whenever I read books older than 100 years, I usually have to stop every few pages to look up archaic words. It’s frustrating, but also sorta fun when you can randomly drop a new word into conversation the next day 🙂

    The new haircut looks great!

  3. I am so glad to find out I’m not the only one who read THE CANTERBURY TALES out loud! It helped with my Shakespeare courses, too. There’s something about hearing the words that helps me digest them. Also, fantastic job on your writing/revisions!

    1. When I read Shakespeare in high school, we read the plays out loud, which was super helpful for figuring out what was going on. I ended up doing the same thing when I read HAMLET on my own a few years ago!

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