Writer Recharge

Writer Recharge 2015 #3


  • Write/Rewrite: I sent 10 pages of FtA to my CP this morning. I revised three of those pages Saturday and Sunday and seven of them this morning, so you can see how things went last week. I also did a little research on Ancient Rome, since that’s what’s hugely influencing my world building for AUL.
    • This week: I’m actually trying out scheduling writing time this week, since the number of stickers on my calendar for this month has been…lacking. I have about 8k left to get through in FtA if I want to meet my goal of finishing the stuff I’ve got written already, so we’ll see how that goes.
  • Read: Progress stalled in THE CANTERBURY TALES last week because I had books due to the library.
    • This week: I’m in the middle of the Wife of Bath’s tale right now, so I at least want to finish that. (I love her. She wants what she wants and won’t let anyone tell her any differently. YES.)
  • Self: I totally forgot to hit this one last week. My goal this month was to cook dinner once or twice a week. I didn’t do this last week because I caught what appears to be a slight head cold, so I spent all of the time I wasn’t at work asleep. I did do it two weeks ago, though, and it was delicious.
    • This week: I’m feeling better, so I want to do this one this week.
  • Connect: Yeah, this didn’t happen AT ALL last week. Although I guess I could count my usual Wednesday coffee/workshop dates with my CP, since I’m connecting with another writer. So HAHA.
    • This week: I’m doing #WriteClub on Friday, guys. I’M DOING IT. And, of course, I’ve got Wednesday.
  • Fun: My friend made us mac & cheese and pulled pork and it was DELICIOUS. I have never been so happy not to be scheduled for inventory IN MY LIFE. (They tried to call me in to work until close, but I ALREADY HAD PLANS HAHAHA.)
    • This week: I might order pizza for myself on Friday night since this week is already shaping up to be busy. Hooray because MONEY, but still.

4 thoughts on “Writer Recharge 2015 #3”

  1. I love pulled pork Of course I live in the south so it is a staple in my diet, but I love WELL-MADE pulled pork with lots of BBQ sauce on it. Not good for my waistline but hey…it’s a treat! Best with your goals!

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