Writer Recharge

Writer Recharge 2015 #4


  • Revise: My main goal this month was to finish revising the last bit of what I had already written in FtA so I’d be ready in March to start writing the rest of this book. I didn’t quite get there. While I was pretty successful last week at sticking to the writing schedule I’d made and am trying it out again this week, I ended up deciding to completely rewrite a chapter in which certain pivotal information is revealed, so that took up a lot of time (and hopefully the changes will work – I guess I’ll find out on Wednesday).
  • Read: I wanted to read The Canterbury Tales this month, and I started it, but didn’t get anywhere close to finishing it since library books happened. I’m going to finish it, though!
  • Stretch: I got my hair cut and I still love it, even though I have to actually style it now instead of just throwing it up in a ponytail and letting it dry.
  • Self: HAHAHA COOKING (it didn’t happen because I’m LAZY).
  • Connect: I did #WriteClub a couple times this month. And I met up with my friend every Wednesday this month.
  • Fun: I got lots of this in this month, most of it food-related. I love food. (I just don’t like waiting for it, hence the laziness in cooking.)

8 thoughts on “Writer Recharge 2015 #4”

  1. Sounds like you still made some serious progress on your revisions, so that’s awesome! Having to rewrite such an important chapter is definitely time-consuming, but I bet it was worth it in the end, right? Hope it’s smoother sailing from here on out, especially with this new writing schedule you’re using. Fingers crossed we both keep building momentum! 🙂

  2. Hmmmmm foooooooood! (said in my best Homer voice) 🙂 Most of the times, cooking kind of relaxes me (especially with a glass of wine and Netflix in the background) but your post makes me want to go to a restaurant. Maybe, next week 🙂
    I think sometimes rewriting something helps to unlock what comes up afterwards so it’s a definite yay in my book 🙂 Thanks for joining us this month!

  3. haha – I think February is the month for lazy in the kitchen. I never felt like cooking last month! Thank you so much for joining us this month!

  4. It sounds like you had a good month! I think sometimes it just takes time to see how you need to rework things, and sometimes it takes starting with a blank page and rewriting. I know that’s how it is for me! Congrats on moving forward!

  5. HAHAHA COOKING. That’s the best line. I do a lot less cooking when I’ve got a big project going. My kids actually like it because then they get convenience food. 🙂 Thanks for joining the Recharge – and keep working on those goals!!

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