What's Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday #41

Tree70%What I’m Reading

I’m in the middle of MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES right now, and I’m really loving it. The dark humor reminds me a lot of SPEAK.

I’m also reading IGNITE ME, because it’s about time I finish that series.

What I’m Writing

I’m almost done revising the part of FROM THE ASHES I already have written! My goal is to finish that this week so I can start working on the new stuff, which I actually outlined. (WHAT.)

I also have about 2k written in AN UNFORGIVING LAND, which is the novel I won NaNo in 2007 with (and is the first one I ever completed!). I read it to make an outline to work with, but it’s going to be a complete rewrite since I like the idea, but not the writing.

And I outlined OF BAND GEEKS AND REVOLUTIONS, the contemporary idea I mentioned in my last WUW post. I’m using the term “outline” generously, though – I have a beginning, and ending, and two events that happen in the middle. Because I like to live dangerously.

What Works For Me

In addition to the sticker calendar system, I’ve got an Excel spreadsheet keeping track of my daily word counts for this year, and when I looked at it the other day, I saw that I’ve written over 30k words this year! So that was super cool and inspiring to see how much I’ve done already this year without even realizing it.

What Else Is New

I decided to try out Ipsy and got my first bag last week. I love that they sent me everything in this super cute makeup bag! Also, everything they sent me is something I can see myself using (I’m not super adventurous when it comes to makeup – I basically use concealer and a lip color and call it a day). I’ve already tried the lipstick and highlighter pencil and LOVE them.


Jobapalooza 2015 (as I semi-affectionately call job hunting) is underway. I’ve been getting together as many of my application materials ahead of time as I can so I can just submit everything when things are posted. I’ve also been redoing things I already have (resume, cover letter) while listening to Beyoncé because my general life goal for 2015 is to channel my inner Beyoncé more. #flawless

And finally, today is my birthday, so tonight I will be celebrating (but not too hard because I have school tomorrow). Things that are making me feel old: getting my non-parental health insurance materials in the mail yesterday; having to Google teen slang the other night because my friend and I saw it on Tumblr and had no idea what it meant; my brother getting his second college acceptance letter in the mail on Monday; stating that I won’t be celebrating too hard because I have school tomorrow, not as a student, but as the adult supervision.


10 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #41”

  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope it’s super fun, but doesn’t go super late. 😉 Related: I 100% hear you on this. The writing projects you’re working on sound great! I’m especially intrigued by this contemp you’re drafting. This was a pretty great writing week for you from the sounds of it. Awesome! Hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful week! 🙂 Oh, and good luck with the job-hunting!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy yourself even if you don’t party too hard. 🙂 (Life as an adult is so exciting, amiright?) I’m excited to hear what you think of IGNITE ME. Despite pacing issues, I was really happy with it because of reasons I wrote out then deleted because they’re kind of spoilery. I’ll them to you next week.

    1. I loved IGNITE ME! At first I wasn’t sure about it because it took so long to get to the explosions, but I came to terms of it once I started thinking about it as more of a character-driven story, which it is – it’s Juliette’s story to find herself and her strength. So overall, I was happy with it.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And I hear you on the little brother thing – I keep forgetting that mine is in college now and I’m completely confused when he texts me in the middle of the day. My first thought is always, “You shouldn’t be using your phone during class!” Except he’s an adult now – gah!

    1. Thank you!

      Ha! I always knew when my sister was in class because that was the only time she’d text me, haha. But yeah, it’s going to take some getting used to my brother being in college since he’s always been the baby.

  4. Happy Birthday!!! And the make-up pack is lovely – things like cute packages always puts a smile on my face too. The little things.
    Sounds like you’re getting a lot done in the writing end of things. May it continue!

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