And Then Life Happened

Full Speed Ahead

I’ve given up on trying to keep a regular blogging schedule. Which is fine, because my focus doesn’t need to be on blogging, anyway, right?


I’ve been busy! Which is good, because that’s how I like it. This week was spring break, which I didn’t get to enjoy very much of it since I spent most of it either working at my other job or applying for teaching jobs. I’ve been trying to stay up here, but after almost three years of subbing, I also have to acknowledge that I didn’t go to school for five years so I could sub forever, so now I’m trying to leave. I don’t regret sticking around so long at all, since I definitely needed more teaching experience before getting my own classroom, but I’m ready for the change now.

I also joined a writing group! Which is exactly what someone who is getting ready to probably move needs to do, but it’s a new Young Adult and Children’s group, so OF COURSE I had to join. I’m thinking I’m going to workshop AUL since I’m having a hard time with the beginning and because I’m doing dual POV, male POV, and both of my MCs are POC, all things that are new to me. (Challenge yourself, Past Me said. It’ll be fun, she said.) Also, I’m having a hard time with the beginning since I keep going back and forth between first and third person. Writing is hard.


I finally finished revising what I had of FtA, so now I’m writing completely new stuff, because I love drafting SO MUCH that I’m going to draft two stories at the same time, I guess.

I did go home for Easter, though, so it’s only been MOSTLY work. We went to brunch. I watched Lifetime movies with my mom. I went to Costco on Saturday and it didn’t look like a scene from a post-apocalyptic novel. I high-fived Baby Bro, who got directed admitted into a computer science program that apparently direct admits less than 5% of the freshman trying to get into it (which I think is an excellent consolation for not getting into his dream school.)



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