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On Chasing What Works

IMG_1511I’ve got two WIPs I’m working on that I’m sharing with people in real time (i.e. as I write them). I try to send my CP about ten pages of FtA every week, which has been super fun lately because I’m FINALLY working on that second half of the book I realized I still needed to write. I’ve started sharing AUL with the writing group I joined.*

The sharing led to me sitting down in front of my computer and being totally paralyzed about what to write because what if it sucks???

So I started writing the next scene of FtA on a sheet of paper I had lying around, only to have things start flowing much better because no one is going to read my messy handwritten scrawl; they’re going to be reading my neatly typed pages. Knowing this – that it could be absolute garbage and it wouldn’t matter as long as I got the words down – definitely helped. So even though it’s a little more work because I have to type up all of those pages later and transform them into something coherent, it’s working in that I have words to fix.

I won’t lie, though: it’s a great excuse to indulge my office supply addiction.

*We READ OUR STUFF OUT LOUD which is probably more nerve wracking than having people who are still strangers reading my stuff, tbh.


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