And Then Life Happened


Currently… is a blog meme that crops up throughout the blogosphere where people talk about things they are up to currently.

Goodbye, summer.
Goodbye, summer.


Fall! Because football, pumpkin ALL OF THE THINGS (but especially PSLs and pumpkin beer), flannel, sweaters and cardigans, scarves, boots…

Fall is my favorite season, basically.


Right now, I’m reading RADIANT by Karina Sumner-Smith. I’m about 100 pages in, and it’s been slow so far, but I really love the world building so I’m sticking with it.

I also recently finished NOT QUITE DEAD by Lyla Payne, which is a ghost story set in South Carolina. I don’t normally read ghost stories, but I loved all the history incorporated into this one, and the setting was really well done.


I’ve been switching back and forth between CSI and Gilmore Girls, which are very much complete opposites. CSI has lots of dead bodies, whereas Gilmore Girls is more light-hearted and is full of all of my favorite things: sarcasm, coffee, pop culture references. They both have great characters, not to mention that both are so, so easy to binge watch. All 15 seasons of CSI are on Hulu (I’m currently in the middle of season 3), and Gilmore Girls is, of course, on Netflix (and I just finished season 2!).

I also watched the movie Beyond the Lights, which was really enjoyable while also highlighting how manufactured the music industry can be sometimes, and how that can take a toll on people. I then followed that up with If I Stay, which I wasn’t emotionally ready for. (Confession: I haven’t read the book yet…) And I tried really, really hard to watch The Best of Me, but gave up halfway through because it was too much like The Notebook except not as good. All of these movies are on Netflix currently.

Listening To

I really love MisterWives and their album Our Own House. They’ve got a couple songs on the playlist at work and I actually legitimately like them, which is a huge win in my book. (I mean, imagine listening to store playlists FOR HOURS AND HOURS ON END MULTIPLE TIMES A WEEK.)

Also, I saw Kelly Clarkson last month, and she was AMAZING. She put on a really good show and also I want to be friends with her now.

Thinking About

Grad school. Basically, I’d always planned to get a master’s degree at some point, and figure that at where I am in my life, now is a good time. So now I’m applying to MLIS programs because that’s a field I’ve always had in the back of my mind as something else besides teaching that I’d love doing.


I’m getting SO CLOSE to the end of my FtA rewrite! Which is good, because I’m so ready for revisions. (Refer me back to this post when I’m complaining about revisions a few weeks from now.)


There were more hours in the day so I could conquer my giant library pile.

Making Me Happy

Finally finding the motivation to update this thing after more than a month…


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