And Then Life Happened


Currently… is a blog meme that crops up throughout the blogosphere where people talk about things they are up to currently.


That it is finally cold enough at night for me to sleep with my window closed. A lot of my neighbors are college students. College students are loud. I sincerely apologize to any former neighbors who may have been offended by any loudness I helped perpetuate back in the day.


I’m rereading HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE. I’m also in the middle of FIND ME by Laura van den Berg, which is a so-far quiet post-apocalyptic novel revolving around an epidemic of a disease that makes you forget everything, as well as a twenty-year-old woman who was abandoned at a month old and who wants to find her birth mother.

I also recently finished THE CURE FOR DREAMING by Cat Winters, which I didn’t like as much as IN THE SHADOW OF BLACKBIRDS but was still really good.


Still working my way through CSI and Gilmore Girls. I’ve also been watching the new The Daily Show, and it’s actually been pretty solid so far. I went into it accepting that no one could be Jon Stewart, which helped. Trevor Noah has been holding his own so far.

On Netflix, I’ve been watching slightly-less-recent movies: LOVE ACTUALLY, THE PRINCE AND ME, and ONE DAY. THE PRINCE AND ME was fun. I had a lot of feelings about ONE DAY.

Listening To

My favorite band is Bastille, so I’ve pretty much always got them going on repeat.

Thinking About

Trying to balance reading and writing with all of the other things (i.e. WORK) I’ve got going on instead of just spending all my free time napping or watching Netflix.


Ellie Goulding has a new album coming out and I really like the first two songs that have been released from it and I really want the rest of it to come out already.


Dude. Time Turner.

Making Me Happy



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