And Then Life Happened




12933064_10156739845780324_6922971929797076750_nI’m on spring break, and I have so much free time, and it’s nice. I’ve read some books and written some words and watched some movies and gotten some sleep.


In the past month, I’ve finished reading:

  • THE EYE OF THE WORLD by Robert Jordan: Delightfully nostalgic.
  • CLARIEL by Garth Nix: I mostly just want to reread the other books now? I enjoyed it, but not as much as its predecessors, although I did appreciate reading a book with an asexual protagonist.
  • ENDURE by Sara B. Larson: I enjoy this series because it reminds me a lot of Tamora Pierce’s books, although the character development in the villains was lacking for me.
  • QUEEN SONG by Victoria Aveyard: I was out in public earlier today when I finished this one. Otherwise I probably would’ve thrown my phone across the room.12976897_10156744236815324_6126522734596802509_o

Now, I’m starting THE NAME OF THE WIND by Patrick Rothfuss, which I bought awhile ago and just hadn’t gotten around to reading yet.


I discovered the other night that THE PRINCESS BRIDE is on Netflix, and I immediately watched it (even though I own it on DVD). Last night I watched BEFORE WE GO, which Chris Evans directed, so OF COURSE I had to watch it, and I loved it.

Listening To

Thinking About

Revisions, always. Last month I mentioned deciding to scrap what I had so far and rework the beginning, and then I didn’t really get time to work on that until this week.

12919747_10156677090150324_5704811851184224647_nAlso, a couple weeks ago, Washington had their Democratic caucuses, and I was thinking about how lucky we are that we even get a say in who runs for president. Even if many of the choices we don’t have this time don’t seem that appealing, at least we still get the chance to choose the least-awful of the bunch?

I might not have been thrilled at waking up early on the weekend to go participate, and then going immediately to work a nine hour shift afterward, but it was cool to see how many other people were also willing to give up four or five hours of their Saturday mornings to make their voices heard.


So, in this section last month, I said I was waiting to hear back about grad school. And I did. I got my acceptance email literally right as I hit “publish” on this post. So, I’m doing my MLIS online starting in September, and I’m excited to learn how to be a librarian, and I’m also excited because I already feel like I’ve found my people. I mean, I love teaching (that’s why I want to be a school librarian), but I feel like I BELONG in a library.


Okay, but, like, does spring break have to be ONLY a week, though.

Making Me Happy

This mug I bought on Etsy is pretty swell.



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