And Then Life Happened



Grad school. It is SO MUCH WORK (which I expected and still signed up for), but I love being around people who are so passionate about things like children’s books and wanting to make the world a better place. This quarter, I especially loved my children’s lit class. I don’t know as much about picture books and middle grade and everything in between, so it was really fun to read all sorts of new books, not to mention apply all of the things I’ve been learning to the elementary school kids I work with all the time.

My other class last quarter was a research methods class, which was a little more challenging for me because it was all based on social science research methods, and as a humanities person, most of it was completely new to me.

Anyway, that’s where I disappeared to. Grad school and also working two jobs and trying to, like, sleep. I’m hoping to get more writing done now that I have a better handle on things and I’m actually in the process of launching a Patreon where I’ll post the random things I write (like short stories and poems) and some behind the scenes things.


Right now I’m reading The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I love that, while Kvothe is clever, it’s more a source of trouble than it is anything else. He’s an extremely clever university student and gifted musician, but he’s also a teenage boy.


I just finished The Crown on Nextflix, which was like Downton Abbey in the 1950s. I wanted Queen Elizabeth’s entire wardrobe.

I also saw Rogue One on Wednesday and loved it. I’m so glad little girls have Rey and Jyn to look up to. I had Padme. Who was awesome until she got with Anakin, but at least she had a fabulous wardrobe, I guess?

Listening To

I’ve been intermittently listening to Welcome to Night Vale but since I usually listen to it before bed, I mostly end up falling asleep and having to re-listen to episodes.

Thinking About

All of the bad things in the world and how powerless I feel as more and more things pile up. I mean, I know it’s not physically possible to do EVERYTHING and to focus on the things I can do, but it’s still disheartening.


2017. While 2016 was a good year for me personally…well, AT WHAT COST? I would like to think things will be at least marginally better for the world in 2017. But who knows? Maybe we’re in for a crappy sequel.


I had a Time Turner because I always have so much I want to do and so little time to do it in.

Making Me Happy

img_3654I went to the Northwest Chocolate Festival last month and it was so much fun! The panels and tastings were a little lackluster because they were held in a giant, echoey room with no walls so it was hard to hear. But the exhibits were nice. It was like Costco with chocolate, at least as far as free samples went.

Also, we’ve been getting snow these past couple weeks. We don’t generally get that much – once or twice a year, and then it melts by afternoon – so having it stick around was a treat…at first. It’s getting a little old now, but I guess it’s nice to look at.