Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I’ve Read the Most From


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Top Ten Authors I’ve Read The Most Books From

  1. Tamora Pierce: Easily tops this list, as I’ve read at least thirty different books by her. I ate all of her books up as a teenager and I still reread them frequently. I always tell people to start at the beginning with ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE because it’s quick and it was published in 1980 and still holds up. But really, READ THEM ALL.
  2. Meg Cabot: My other favorite author when I was in high school. I loved her heroines because their awkwardness was something I could relate to, and also because they were funny and sarcastic. My favorites are THE PRINCESS DIARIES and ALL-AMERICAN GIRL. And the Mediator series is seriously underrated.
  3. J.K. Rowling: I couldn’t get into THE CASUAL VACANCY, but I’ve read each of the Harry Potter books ten times, probably, and I will never not be pushing them on people.
  4. Laura Ingalls Wilder: I was OBSESSED with the Little House series and they still occupy my bookshelf. I recently reread LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE and still loved it, so a reread is in my future, probably.
  5. Jane Austen: Her books are full of social commentary and so much of it is still relevant today. I still love PRIDE AND PREJUDICE the most, but if Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Charlotte were my friends IRL, I would’ve warned them to stay FAR, FAR AWAY from their respective husbands.
  6. George R.R. Martin: Book Sansa is the queen and I will fight anyone who disputes this.
  7. Alison Weir: She writes a lot about medieval and Tudor history, which is my favorite history, and I appreciate how thorough her research is and how carefully she examines bias in her sources. And, unlike a lot of non-fiction, her books are actually accessible to non-historians. I used a lot of her books as secondary sources in college and then continued reading them because I genuinely enjoyed them. THE LADY IN THE TOWER and ISABELLA: SHE-WOLF OF FRANCE, QUEEN OF ENGLAND are particular highlights.
  8. Sarah J. Maas: HEIR OF FIRE destroyed me but can’t stop, won’t stop.
  9. John Green: LOOKING FOR ALASKA is still my favorite of his books and haters can step aside. Also, shout out to AN ABUNDANCE OF KATHERINES because it doesn’t get nearly enough love.
  10. J.R.R. Tolkien: I still consider getting through THE SILMARILLION in eighth grade one of my greatest accomplishments.